DJ Groovelyne

Music Genres: "Everything that is quality music!"
Residencies: Ötkert (BP), Fröccsterasz (BP), Terminal Budapest, Gozsdu Udvar (BP), Gin Corner Bar (BP), Budapest Marriott Hotel (BP), BOB bar (BP)

Also known as "Dj Groovelyne", Gergő Vajas has been working as a professional DJ in Budapest and all over the country for 15 years.

The 36-year-old disc jockey's interest in the world of DJs began at the age of 12, and it was during his high school years that he first started to work as a party organiser.

Gergő first became a resident DJ in 2007 at Morrison's 2 Club, which was opening in Budapest at the time and has since become one of the most popular club venues in the capital. As a DJ, he "socialised" there, humbly learning the professional and technical ropes from both colleagues and audience feedback. Over the past decades, he has toured Budapest's many nightclubs as Dj Groovelyne, and currently hosts at Gozsdu Udvar bistros and Budapest's central clubs, including Ötkert and Fröccsterasz / Terminal.

As an audience-oriented disc jockey, Gergő always selects the N.O.1 hits, regardless of style, and he doesn't like to go too far. In his repertoire, he can put almost anything from Mainstream Top40 hits to Rock & Roll at the service of the party, all at a high quality level. As a DJ, his motivation is always to keep as many people as possible on the dancefloor for up to 8-10 hours. With his preparedness, dynamic and flexible attitude, he receives a lot of positive feedback every week from both clients and audiences.

With 13 years of private event organising and performing experience as a leading disc jockey, Gergő is now the CEO of Best Event DJ.

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