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Our team members are professionally active DJs operating at a national level, and regularly fulfill requests from clubs around the country. The musical repertoire is limitless: from R&B classics of the 2000s to modern electronic dance music, the faces of Best Event DJs are frequently appear at festival decks, prestigious bars, and club stages in the capital. We welcome your inquiries regarding booking performances.

Music Genres

There is no need to worry, the DJs of Best Event team deliver the number ones in every musical style!


One of the most influential musical movements of the 20th century is Rock & Roll, which is also a dance and a way of life...


We've brought back the smoke-filled, neon-scented dancefloors of the 80's in our latest #SPOTIFY playlist!


The DJs of Best Event DJ exclusively select from the most well-known hits! Who wouldn't remember the stars of Bravo magazine from the 90s?


Bring out the cassette player because the 2000s are experiencing a new renaissance! The Best Event Dj is bringing back the most famous eurodance hits too!

Hungarian Hits

At a real "house party atmosphere" wedding or company family day, the best domestic products are brought out again and again by popular demand!


Experience the hot Latin beats that evoke the spirit of the summer with Best Event DJ!


The tough masculine music genre also plays a role in the Best Event DJ shows! Our DJs select from the most famous Rock, Pop/Rock, and Classic Rock songs of all time for the events.

Mainstream TOP40

The DJs of Best Event DJ have a wide repertoire ranging from today's TOP40 selection, including reggaeton to dance pop.


Our DJs gladly select from today's popular electronic Dance/Deep House/EDM hits during the final hours of the party if the situation calls for it.

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... and that's not all! Visit our Spotify page, where you can find over 40 thematic playlists in our catalogue!

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