Mr Black

Genres: "Everything, that creates atmosphere!"
Residencies: Creol Bár, Minyon Bar (BP), Holdudvar (BP), Goose Bar (Kecskemét) , Morrison’s 2 Klub (BP), Morrison’s Liget Club, Stifler Ház (BP), Highfive Budapest …

Kovács Miki a.k.a. "Mr. Black" is known to many in the Budapest nightlife as he has been entertaining audiences for more than 20 years. He's easy to get along with, a good-humoured DJ with a good sense of humour, but don't let that fool you: he's no joke at work. Miki is always precise and punctual.

His motto: "Whatever you do in life, be professional and reliable". Nothing proves this better than the fact that once he has obtained a "resident" position in a place, he usually keeps it for years.

Mr. Black has been giving shows on weddings for 15 years, so with hundreds of events under his belt, it's safe to say there are no surprises! As his name suggests, "black music" is closer to his heart, but his musical diversity brings the obligatory house party atmosphere to private events. He has a particular flair for tuning up the music, so he can bring down the smaller birthday parties any time!

Besides active Djing, Miki is not far from technical stuff. He's installed sound in more than one venue and he's got the operation under his thumb. He has been a pillar of the Best Event Dj team for years, as well as the main technician.

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