Genres: "Everything, that fits conga beat"
Residencies: Balaton Sound, Fröccsterasz, Terminal Budapest, Raqpart (BP), Symbol (BP), Hello Buda bar (BP)..

Norbert Csík - or "Fagyi" as he is known to many - considers himself lucky because his profession is also his hobby! He started as a drummer and conga player, then he picked up a turntable and since 2010 he has been actively working as an ambience manager for corporate, private and wedding events. One minute he's playing congas in a live act at the flagship bar of Gozsdu Udvar in Budapest, the next he's behind the turntables at Symbol in Buda. His personality is "2 in 1", as he likes to spice up the show with percussion instruments or real tribal beats!

Both as a musician and as a person, he is a "positive melody", and he knows no bounds when it comes to problem solving in events! You can now look for Dj Fagyi for the best occasions under a flagship of Best Event DJ.

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