DJ Vajant

Music Genres: "Everything, what suits a House Party"
Referenciák (a teljesség igénye nélkül): Extra Budapest, Füge Udvar, Pomo D’Oro, Irish Cat Pub…stb.

Viktor is working hard to make the party not only cool, but memorable! Over the past 20+ years of his professional journey, he has become a master of events, full of experience and energy! He has thousands of weddings, corporate and private events under his belt: in 2009 he was one of the first Hungarian DJs to start spinning records at weddings. No matter if the crowd prefers Retro or today's Mainstream, he is always about to give the best vibes - be it a wedding or a corporate party. Currently he is the resident DJ at Extra Budapest and Füge Udvar nightclubs, as well as Pomo D'Oro and Buena World Kitchen restaurants, where you can also listen to him live.

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